Power-Up | Elementary - August 2 - September 5, 2021

Power-Up | Elementary - August 2 - September 5, 2021

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 Program Coordinator Training

This training course will provide you as the program coordinator with the ability to prepare your school's teachers and students as outlined in the Association for Conflict Resolution's "Recommended Guidelines for Effective Conflict Resolution Education Programs in K-12 Classrooms, Schools and School Districts."


These standards serve three main goals:

1. To support curriculum development and conflict resolution concepts and skills;

2. To support strategies in the implementation of conflict resolution training;

3. To promote confidence in conflict resolution education.


In addition to providing guidance in using the standards, this course will assist you in program development, management, and evaluation. Following its successful completion, you will be certified to provide on-site coordination of the Power-Up | Elementary program and training of teachers and students.


Learning Format

This online experience is tailored for educators or counselors who will serve as their school's Peace Patrol Program Coordinator.


•  100% Online

•  Instructor-led

•  5-Weeks to complete

•  (4) 1.25-hour live lectures

•  Training modules include readings, handouts, assignments, activities, and other resources.

•  40 course hours